awesome rewards by gadget world

We are excited to show our appreciation to our loyal customers with our generous rewards program. It’s not a sale or a limited time deal, but a permanent program. Earn points to use towards your favorite gadgets!


How does it work?

You need to create an account (which automatically gives you 200 points). Simply click on Rewards to get started. Following that, you have the option to share, refer or purchase which all earns you points.


How can you view your points balance?

You can view your points balance by signing into your account and then clicking on “Your Points”. Also you can view point balance at the header all the time.


How do you redeem your points?

You can redeem your points by signing into your account and then clicking on “Your Points”.

When the rewards pop-up appears, you will take the following steps:

  1. Click on the link that says 'See rewards you can earn'. This will take you to your Rewards page.
  2. In the Rewards page, click 'Redeem' on the coupon that you would like to redeem. 
  3. Once you have redeemed your coupon, a section will appear with the coupon code that you will 'Copy' (an email will also be sent to you with the coupon code for safe-keeping). 
  4. Use the coupon code you have copied and paste the code during the checkout process to get your discount.


Our rewards program is designed to thank our loyal customers for their patronage. Just click here to learn about all of the exciting ways you can earn points!


Review your purchases and earn 10% OFF!

After you receive your order we'll send you a review request by email. Once you submit your review we'll send you a 10% OFF discount coupon for your next order! It's easy! All you have to do is rate and review in the email itself then just click submit.