12 Inch LCD Writing Tablet



Portable 12" LCD digital hand writing pad with electronic pen stylus. A board for writing or drawing saves the trees and the environment. Easily erase at a push of a button, comes with replaceable battery.


Using advanced pressure sensor and LCD technology, display writing on a pad; writing delicate fluid, without delay; can be used to write or draw as message board or scratch paper.


You can save your sketch or drawings on the free Jot mobile app which can capture anything on the tablet and transfer it to your iOS or Andriod device.

Paperless, green, saving paper; with built-in CR2016 button battery, replaceable; with power saving design, can be used repeatedly for about 10 million times, the equivalent of five years of service life.

Low reflective rate of 25%, no harm to eyes; the product itself does not produce light, so you can well protect the eyes.

With 12" large screen, removal of a button, hidden stylus, and wrist strap hole; Weight is only about 188g, size is about 280x185x4.8mm, the thinnest available it is only 4.5mm, lightweight and comfortable, easy to carry.

Multi color available: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green and Rose.

    When to use it?
    • Office: Scheduling tasks, notes taking and memos, messages, activities, explaining with drawing, etc...
    • Home: Family messages, notes, memos, helping children study, food menu listing, personal notes, todo lists, etc...
    • School teaching: copybooks painting, writing, painting, calculus mathematics, memorizing words, etc...
    • Artist: Sketch ideas, memories inspiration, draw illustrations, etc...
    • Lawyer: Secret meetings to facilitate participation, communication with litigants and discuss countermeasures, etc...
    • Nurse: Patient record and analyze the situation, it can also be used to remind patients and a message, etc...
    • News media people: keep recording happenings around us.
    • Professionals: Rough sketching.


    • Dimension: 280x185x4.8mm(11.1x7.3x0.2 inches)
    • Weight: 188.3g (6.6 oz)
    • Material: ABS
    • Input voltage: 10-20 (G)
    • Battery: Button cell battery CR2025
    • Reflection rate: 25%-30%


    Brand Name: ALLOYSEED
    Model Number: 125298
    Material: ABS
    Package: Yes
    Tablet Width: 185mm
    Tablet length: 280mm
    Type: Digital Tablets
    Power supply: : button cell(included)
    Battery capacity: : 75mAh
    Voltage: : 3V
    Standard current: : 0.1mA
    Screen size: : approx. 238*170mm/9.37*6.69''
    Product size: : approx. 280*185*4.5mm/11.02*7.28*0.17''
    Net weight: : approx. 189g
    Item: LCD Writing Tablet
    Item 2: Handwriting Pen