5x5 Square Shape Speed Magic Cube Puzzle



    • 5x5x5 Speed Cube
    • International standards color matching, regular 5x5x5 cube, stable performance
    • Internal extended angle, the pop performance is superior, the orbit design make it turns more smoothly, reduce the rate of wrong layer
    • Edges of large rounded corners to provide better fault-tolerant performance
    • Integration of inner friction surface to reduce jerky, Stable and smooth rotation
    • Silky smooth outer and inner layer rotations and exceptional corner cutting, this cube delivers a very controllable feeling overall
    • Out of the box, this cube delivers excellent performance for all speed cubers
    • Body color: Black
    • Material: ABS engineering plastics
    • Level: 5x5x5
    • Cube Size: 5.75*5.75*5.75cm
    • Sticker: PVC stickers
    • Packing: Colorful Box
    • Package Content: 1 x 5x5x5 Speed Cube