BBQ DIY Stainless Steel Telescopic Extendable Dinner Fruit Dessert Long Fork

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  • Too lazy to leave the sofa and fetch that plate of cocktail sausages on the sideboard? Just use the extendable fork to help yourself to some 
  • Can't be bothered to ask someone to pass you the fries? Again the extendable fork will reach out to them without you leaving your place 
  • But the moment the coast is clear you can prolong it by a whopping 64cm and reach out to that extra helping of cake on the sly 
  • Or you could use them to toast marshmallows by the fire 
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Length: Approx. 22-64cm/ 8.66-25.20" (Adjustable)
  • Included: 1 X  Dessert Long Fork