DIY mBot V1.1 Educational Robot Kit for Kids (2.4G Version)



  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • USB interface: Users can program by themselves
  • Motor interface: Dual motor interface control
  • Ultrasonic interface: ultrasonic distance measurement and small obstacle experiment
  • Infrared tracking interface: Line experiment
  • YKS mainly has the following functions:
  • Standby mode, Auto control mode, manual control mode, tracking mode,
  • Obstacle avoidance mode, music Play mode, RGB lights control
  • Standby mode: when is Power on, it defaults into standby mode, that is, without any other mode, it waits for the
  • remote control instruction.
  • Auto control mode: this mode is to drive forward and backward automatically , in the process, you can change direction, and then continue to the original forward or backward.
  • Manual control mode: short press to a single step, and long press to go forward or go backward, so is the left & right direction.
  • Tracking mode: In accordance with the set route (black line) walking.
  • Obstacle avoidance mode: the default safe distance for car is 20CM, when the car reach the safe distance, it will go back or turn another direction.
  • Music Play mode: buzzer plays music "Gourd Kids" and accompanied by colorful flashing.
  • RGB lights control: loop control the lights of RGB colors for car, and can adjust its brightness.

  • CPU: High performance and low power 8-bit micro controller with 6-channel PWM channel, 8-channel 10-bitADC, a programmable serial USART
  • Motor Driver IC Chip: TB45OA2 / 6612FNG makes the motor driving more easier, saves IO port, while in the hardware design, uses the S9013 transistor to save IO, together with the driver chip, only needs two IO ports to control the motor speed and direction
  • RGB Colorful WS2812B: 5050 colorful RGB packaged, four PIN controlled, resource cost-saving, easily & quickly performance controlled. we can freely control 2 RGB colors.
  • Infrared Receiver and Infrared Transmitter: The board is integrated infrared receiver and infrared emission, which can not only decode the remote control development, but also convert the board to a converter ,and changes other control signals into infrared signals, is emitted by the infrared, thus controlling all the home appliances;
  • Serial module socket: On the development board, there integrates a Tx, Rx interface to facilitate our expansion modules, such as Bluetooth, 2.4G module module, WIFI module and so on;
  • Buzzer:Board is integrated with buzzer, users can freely enjoy buzzer, such as music and alarm functions.
  • AA battery box: can installed 4 dry batteries for car power supply(not inclded)
  • Working voltage: DC 3.7-6V
  • Working temperature: normal temperature
  • Size: 150 x 172 x 90mm/5.9 x 6.7 x 3.5 inch
  • Package Content:(with retail package)
    • 1 x Smart Car
    • 1 x remote control