Stylish Anti-Theft Backpack With USB Charger

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Imagine you are going on a trip, standing in a line and listening to music. Just for a second you don't pay attention and someone opens your backpack and steals your belongings without you even noticing it. This is probably one of the worst nightmares that can happen while traveling. But not with this backpack!

Anti-Theft: The zipper is on the back what makes it impossible for someone that's standing behind you to open it.

Useful Pockets: On the inside there are lots of pockets to hold your laptop, tablet, camera lenses and much much more. That also makes this backpack perfect for photographers, however you can of course use the pockets for various purposes.

USB Charger: One of the cooles features of this backpack is the integrated USB charging function so your phone never runs out of juice on your trips. 

Water-Repellent: The water-repellent Material keeps all your things dry, even in hard rain.

Size: 28 X 13 X 43cm (11 X 5 X 17 inches)

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